We offer you 4 easy ways in which you can lodge your Tax Return:

1. Face-to-Face
Our If you prefer to complete your tax return face-to-face with one of our qualified tax agents, we’ll be more than happy to assist you in booking an appointment at your preferable time at one of our offices. Please ensure to bring all your supporting docs to the appointment.
2. Phone

If you’re short on time, you can contact us on:
1300 659 896
and we’ll be able to assist you in lodging your return. The process is easy; upon initial contact we’ll conduct a quick interview in regards to get an understanding of your tax return. Then you just need to send your supporting docs and we’ll send you the completed tax return within 48hrs.

3. Email
You can also contact us via info@indusaccountants.com.au After initial contact and upon receiving all the required information and documents, we ensure to send the completed tax return for signing to our clients within 48hrs.
4. Online Tax Return
We offer Online Tax Return preparation services at an affordable price. Clients complete part of their Tax return online which reduces the Tax Accountants’ time in filling out the form and savings are passed back to the client! It takes no more than 20 mins to complete a simple tax return.
More Questions
Still got more questions, please feel free to contact us for an obligation free consultation on 1300 659 896 or mail us at info@indusaccountants.com.au
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