Accounts payable receivables

Accounts Payable
The advantages of cutting edge technology and skilled staff without having to invest in these or buying and maintaining expensive software and We provide industry best practices including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance leading to reduced discrepancies and greater financial control which finally translates into enhanced profitability.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the billing of customers (individuals or corporations) who owe money to a person, company or organization for goods and services that have been provided to the customer.
At Indus Accountants, one of the best methodologies combined with most recent accounting software systems are employed for giving daily output in a quick turnaround time so that clients can control and assemble their finances more swiftly and efficiently.

Our Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services enables our customers to:
Effortlessly deal with this key finance function that impacts cash flow and is so essential for maintaining a strong and vibrant business.
Increase their control on every account with consistent follow-up on outstanding invoices, and extensive reporting on account activity.
Our Services facilitate quicker receipts and improved cash flow.
We offer our global customers the choice and flexibility to outsource all or part of their accounts receivable business functions.
Benefit from high-quality services at a low cost.
Have access to our professional team who are highly trained in the use of financial services software such as QuickBooks, Sage, Peachtree, M.Y.O.B. Accounting, Xero etc.

We adhere to industry best practices and have robust automated processes to provide leading-edge services. Our vast experiences coupled with our project management expertise and functional specialization enables us to provide our customers the best value for their investment.

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